We encourage people to go for the Personal Fitness Coach Trial Package, and see for themselves what we have to offer. If after undertaking the Trial Package you are indeed still interested, which we are sure you will be ūüôā The trial package price will be deducted from the total price of any chosen 1 on 1 Fitness Progam.

Complimentary guest passes are available to our members. 1 guest pass per client.

We have a variety of corporate packages available and we are happy to work with you to design a package that meets your budget and needs. What better way to deal with the pressures of a workplace than maintaining a sense of well being and staying fit which promotes productivity and cooperation in the workplace.

Our focus is on health and well being. With your membership you will receive a physical assessment and a complimentary session with one of our trainers to ensure that you are off to the right start and will avoid injury. We encourage our members to sign up for a physical assessment to ensure you are on the right track and help you attain your goals.

We will work with our members and design a package that meets their budget and needs, be it short term or long term goals.

We will always work to help accomdate our members. If someone has purchased a long term membership, we will look at the circumstances and work with the member to arrive at a fair solution. Going AWOL and not showing up does not qualify!

There is no initiation fee and we will work with each individual to design a package that meets their budget and needs.

Our Customer Care Representative is on site to answer any questions and help design a package that you want or email us at info@hotflexfitness.com.

To attain a healthy level of fitness you must exercise at least three times a week and once you have attained your goals then you can only maintain them by exercising regularly.¬†Ongoing attention to nutrition and exercise is necessary for achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.¬†All you have to do is “Just show up and we will do the rest.”¬†We will help you make the right lifestyle choices concerning nutrition and exercise.