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HotFlex Fitness has now been re-established into a new age way of training, fitness that comes to you. We train you in the comfort of your own environment and we do all the traveling so you don’t have to.

“Fitness made easy.”

We are committed to helping people attain a state of good health and fitness as evident in the approach by the HotFlex Fitness team to all and potential members. Stone and his team believe that attaining a healthy and fit state is a necessity, so the HotFlex Fitness team works with you to design a package that can meet each individual’s budget and achieve his or her goals. Everyone is welcome to call and schedule a complimentary orientation and experience.

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The Story

hot flex fitness history

HotFlex Fitness was established in 1994 in a small 650 square foot space at Yonge and Bloor in Toronto, Ontario. 

As a result HotFlex Fitness founder, Stone, had a unique approach to health and fitness as he developed a following and relocated to Leslieville to a loft space which was double the size of the original location. Since then, HotFlex Fitness further expanded into it a 3500 square foot space and was a full service fitness centre, offering the members a complete range of memberships, fitness packages, classes, top of the line equipment, nutritional support, supplements and so much more.

As a certified fitness instructor with 18 years of experience and a great deal of ambition, Stone is revolutionizing the way people exercise, taking the “work” out of workout with his personalized brand of  “Just call and we’ll do the rest.”” His dedication and individualized training approach
motivates every client to unimaginable new levels of health and fitness.

His determination for success, accompanied by his extreme level of skill, workout principles for fitness and bodybuilding and his in-depth understanding of nutrition, have catapulted Stone to the ranks of a world-class competitor, winning him first place in every bodybuilding contest he has ever entered (The exception being his very first competition where he claimed 3rd place.)

Stone has now honourably passed the torch and title to his fitness, figure and bodybuilding trainees, in the Train to Compete Program, who have always won in their respective categories.

At HotFlex Fitness, Stone has used his design to create a team of trainers that understand client’s needs which helps them to tap into their own inner strength to help power themselves to success and get the results they desire on every level, physically and mentally.

The HotFlex Fitness team also makes it a priority to train with the 40-plus crowd to help them fight the effects of aging and move towards living a longer, healthier lifestyle. The team are also dedicated to working with young kids and helping them understand the importance of health and fitness at an early age.

The HotFlex Fitness design is based on maintaining a fit, healthy and balanced lifestyle at any age.


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